Transportation at Bell Graham

Bell-Graham Student Drop-off and Pick-up Procedures

The start to a child's school day should be safe and happy. The traffic patterns at Bell-Graham have been created to ensure just that. There are no easy solutions, but the guidelines are reviewed yearly and changes made when appropriate. To facilitate the process, please consider: carpooling with neighbors, walking or bike riding to school (grades 2-5). Please observe the following traffic plan that was originally developed through the cooperation of Bell-Graham School Administrators, Kane County Sheriffs' Dept., Fox Mill Developers and Campton Township Highway Department and modified since the school's inception when necessary.

It is important to remember the following two points:

  • The pattern will be the same for before school drop-off and after school pick-up.
  • AM Kindergarten pick-up must allow for busses to pull in front of the school.

There will be no parking allowed during school hours...

  • on Fox Mill Blvd. between Route 64 and Carl Sandburg
  • on Carl Sandburg, east or west of Fox Mill Blvd.
  • on Southbound Fox Mill Blvd. from Carl Sandburg to the traffic island break
  • on Robert Frost North and South of Carl Sandburg between the posted signs
  • in the bus circle before 9:00am
  • in or in front of a handicapped parking space without proper authority to do so
  • All School traffic MUST approach the school on Northbound Fox Mill Blvd. If you come off Route 64 or Carl Sandburg, you must go Southbound on Fox Mill Blvd, to the island break or at Louisa May Alcott Lane and turn around. (You will NOT be allowed to turn left from Fox Mill onto Carl Sandburg to approach the school.)
  • The pattern will be as follows:N/B Fox Mill (turn right) to E/B Carl Sandburg, turn left in school entrance; rotate through the parking lot COUNTERCLOCKWISE (Do Not use the bus circle before school!); exit at the right turn and only exit for N/B Fox Mill to Route 64 or to the Carl Sandburg Road exit to return to S/B Fox Mill or W/B Carl Sandburg Road. (See Attached Map.)
  • If you want to pick up your child at the school curb, pull as far forward as possible, and stay next to the curb. DO NOT park and leave your vehicle next to the curb, and DO NOT block the crosswalk area. Once you have your child, pull away from the curb and follow the pattern out of the lot.
  • If you choose to park your car, you must park in the parking lot or park on N/B Fox Mill Blvd south of Carl Sandburg. Please note there is a very limited number of parking spaces in the parking lot. when parking to drop-off or pick-up children, parents must accompany their children to and from the lot to the front of the building using the crosswalk and sidewalks.
  • Cars entering the lot through the Fox Mill entrance may TURN LEFT ONLY and park in the main lot. Refrain from cutting in the line of cars waiting to pick up students and from entering the bus circle parking lot.
  • The entrance to the bus circle parking lot is for bus use only AM and car use only PM. It is not a pedestrian crosswalk. Walkers must use the sidewalk to navigate the perimeter of the lot. Parents parked in this area for pick-up, must meet their children at the front entrance; students are not to meet parents at their car.
  • Cell phone use is prohibited in school zones.
  • Lastly, it is a challenge to manage car, bus, bicycle and pedestrian traffic. Please be patient and take turns at difficult intersections.



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