2nd Grade

Second Grade Overview

Second grade is a fun year for our Bell-Graham students! Our second graders work very hard practicing their writing skills and refining the reading strategies they've learned in kindergarten and first grade.

In math, with a purposeful emphasis on authentic problem solving, we focus on the computational process, including place value and mental math, and geometry and measurement.

In Social Studies, we focus on building our class community, and studying the wider community around us, and how it changes over time. In Science we study Matter, Weather and the Life Cycle of the Butterfly, including the delight of nurturing caterpillars and eventually releasing them into the wild as butterflies.

We learn about how to have a healthful lifestyle and use technology to plan a balanced meal. Nurturing and studying caterpillars and releasing butterflies is only part of the excitement this year!
Mrs. Davison
Mrs. Reinecke

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